We cordially invite candidates to IHSW!

International High School of Wroclaw is running the admission procedures throughout the whole school year. Youth of all nationalities may seek admission to the school. You can enroll students in every age group.

To enrol a student to IHSW please contact our Admission Officer or School Office at Racławicka Street 101 in Wroclaw.


Enrollment Policy

We are enrolling for grade 1-3. Grades 2 and 3 are the first and second form of the IB Diploma Programme. If there are no more places available in the selected class, we offer the candidate a place on the waiting list. Persons on the waiting list will be admitted if any places open up in the chosen class – students whose sibling(s) attend the schools of the Foundation of International Education have priority.



Enrollment step by step

The enrollment procedure consists of submitting applications and payments accordingly to the Admission and Payment Regulations and a positive result of a recruitment exam.


Payment information

In the high school there are payable the following fees: Processing, Application and Tuition Fee. Tuition Fee varies depending on the class and whether the student is entitled to the subsidy of the Wrocław Municipality.


Application documents

On admission to the school you are required to fill out the appropriate applications and to submit additional documents. Please refer to the detailed list of documents.


IHSW is a non-profit educational institution run by the Polish public charity Foundation of International Education. All income from payments are invested directly into the development of the school, its programmes, teaching staff and supplies, which allows the school to meet the needs of its students at the highest possible quality level of educational services.

The are two groups of payments at the school depending wheter a student is studying in secondary grades (former ATUT Bilingual Secondary School) or in high school grades. The prizes shown below are prizes for the high school grades in 2018-2019 school year.*

Processing Fee

payable when entering the student
into the Enrollment Register



Application Fee

payable for a student applying
to high school grades


(refundable in special cases described in Admission and Payment Regulations)

Monthly Tuition Fee

payable for a student studying
in the 1st grade of the high school*


(the 1st rate is 1700 PLN, the other 10 rates are as listed above)

*To see the full list of payments press the button below.